September Goal – posting for accountability

I have 2 young children who are not yet in school. My goal: By Sept 30th at 6pm I will have both my kids enrolled in school with all paperwork completed and supplies purchased. I will know I’m done because on Monday Oct 2nd they will both go to school, fully equipped.

It’s hard because:
Doubt and indecision (am I doing the right thing? Is the timing right? can I find a good school?)
I’ll miss them so much

Why I will do it no matter what:
Because ultimately the children will enjoy the challenge and and friendship of school and the whole family will benefit from me having more free time.
This is also the thought I will practice to keep me feeling committed and sure. It also helps to remember all decisions are reversible.

I may need help with: overcoming doubt if I don’t find a lovely school 🙂

I’ve put my schedule on the calendar and will post my mid-month progress on Sept 16th. Thank you for listening and keeping me accountable!