September Goal Setting – Direct or Indirect

September is my first month in SCS. Nods and handshakes to all of the veterans here! In setting my 30-day goal for the month, should I pick something that I have direct control over OR the result that I do not have direct control over? Specifically, I want to do the Keto diet for 30 days. One goal choice could be to be in ketosis for 30 days. I have a reliable way to measure this but being in this state is not in my direct control. The goal that is in my direct control is eating according to the Keto diet for 30 days. I can control exactly what I eat for 30 days. I’m certainly not saying it will be easy but I, at least, do control that. I cannot exactly control how my body will react to the foods that I eat and, therefore, may or may not stay in ketosis for 30 days.

OR is the idea that you set a goal that is risky and do everything in your power to achieve it? When I think of a goal such as getting 10 new clients in a month, that could also be approached with the same question. Would you reword that goal to say that you will reach out to 100 new clients (just making up the numbers) or that you will get 10 new clients. You can’t directly cause people to become your clients. But you can control how many people you reach out to. Is picking the goal that is completely within your control a smart choice or limiting choice? Any advice you can give is appreciated!