September Goals – MM

Hi Brooke!
I’m currently doing my goal setting for September and I’m totally indulging in overwhelm and need your help. My goal is to gain 8 new clients this month; however, I am also currently doing the Stop Overdrinking program. I just signed up for a Facebook Mastery program that will propel me forward in my business and I’m trying to incorporate that in as well. The FB program is 7 weeks where we get a module a week but can be done in any amount of time we choose. I’m having trouble calendaring all the FB stuff because I really don’t know how long it will take to do. Honestly I have trouble calendaring anything in my life and this is keeping me in confusion and overwhelm which is NOT useful. I’ve been running models as well but have still been struggling . I’ve probably spent 3 hours today trying to set my goal regarding all of this. Thanks!!