September homework question

Hi Brooke and team,
Just getting a head start on preparing for my September homework where we’ve been asked to “pick something you will do and something you can CREATE.” What I want to do is change my thoughts about money by going through the money course on here, doing all the work that goes with it, and practicing new thoughts about money + get extra tutoring if I need it. In other words, does this count:

By September 30, I will have finished the money course on SCS (and done the work that goes with it) and created and practiced new thoughts about money. I will know I’m done because I will understand my underlying thoughts about money and I will come from a place of abundance (rather than a place of scarcity) as it relates to money.

What I’m doing is understanding my thoughts/ hangups about money and learning to create new thoughts about money, which will in turn affect my feelings, actions, and results.

But, the examples in the workbook are much more concrete, so just wanted to make sure this goal is appropriate for the exercise. Thanks so much! – Kristin