September Homework: Yesterday’s Accomplishment

Hi Brooke,
Brand new scholar here. So impressed with the materials, videos and support from your team . . . I am ALL IN for September!

In the September Homework video you said to “acknowledge the day” which included items you executed in support of your goal, as well as other business and personal activities that presumably were planned. Just want to clarify that it’s an inclusive list I’m compiling when I reflect on yesterday, with an obvious emphasis on actions in support of my goal as well as other calendared (and perhaps unplanned) actions?

I’m thinking about those times when I’ll be working through my planned day and pivot to unexpectedly respond to an ad hoc client request (more than just a quick call, maybe a 45 min consult or a written deliverable). Or suddenly need to be present for my closest family/friend. I will have evaluated the relative urgency/value of the new activity before making a conscious choice to allow those outside demands to delay my goal-related activities for that day. I completely own my time and how I use it is to my benefit or my detriment. However, since that time spent didn’t directly contribute to my goal, I’d be reluctant to claim it as an accomplishment. I don’t want to be overly rigid in practicing focus and constraint (I’m a recovering perfectionist and am inclined to pull a late night to stay on schedule rather than make excuses) but realistically anticipating that some days won’t go as planned and want to set a protocol now for how I’ll respond in the moment and then think about those events when I reflect the next day.

Appreciate your perspective.

-Kelly C.