September HW resistance

Hey Brooke,

I’m reading through the September homework and it brought about a lot of confusion and procrastinating for me. I watched myself spin in thoughts about not knowing what goal to pick or if it would create anything. I’m in SCS to start a business but haven’t made much progress in that area because of fear of taking action. I have a target market: runners and triathletes who struggle with weight loss and overeating, I have a website with a 6 week coaching bite sized offer, and I have a FB page with only a couple posts.

I chose this niche because it was me, I was an endurance athlete struggling with emotional eating and I never found someone to work with like me. It was one or the other, a diet plan without a guide on how to manage my emotions or an emotional eating coach who didn’t understand my nutritional needs as an endurance athlete.

I’ve briefly worked with 2-3 of my ideal customers, as I’m writing this I’m realizing mostly I’ve only worked with one or the other. Women who race and just want a diet plan or women who aren’t active but are open to working on the emotional eating. The thought that keeps me in confusion/fear is: I don’t know where to find my Ideal Client, She probably doesn’t exist or this isn’t something they’re willing to pay for.

My belief is I’ve put the cart before the horse, creating a website/investing money without talking with my ICA which then I feel like a fraud. But my main question is what to pick for my September goal, one thought was to fully complete B school but I’m not sure what that would create specifically at the end of the month?

When I think about “work with 3 clients by Sept 30th” the thought is that isn’t in my control, it might not happen, I don’t know where to find them.

Any advice on working through this or where to start with a goal? Thanks!

Suz S,