September Obstacles

My obstacles are keeping me from my goal. I am not coming up with strategies and need help. I am pregnant and my goal is to be signed with a reputable print/commercial agency, for maternity, by the end of September. I understand that I add the strategies to my “to do” list and then schedule in my calendar. I don’t understand how the strategies will help in my calendar as they are not things “to do.” Please help me see this more clearly. Any suggestions on how to change my obstacles into strategies?
Thank you.
Modeling Agency rejected me during my last pregnancy.
Agency requests 5 tear sheets from jobs I have booked. My tear sheets are weak. They totally suck.
My pictures are out dated.
Im better than my past pictures.
Decision making is being judged by old photos.
Hard to find maternity agencies.
There is only one agency listed on the internet as a maternity agency.
How to find maternity agencies…
I was turned down before.