September project

First, a fabulous September project for me (and thank you for your thoughts about pain and fatigue. I got this!) I am so much in control of me. One activity to organize and prioritize was to map out one generic 24-hour day and mapped activities in each hour (ex. 8 1-hour segments for sleep with 30-minutes getting ready for those 8 hours.) Yesterday, knee deep in empty binders and a great deal of uneeded, recyclable paper, it hit me. What about those days with set schedules such as work and volunteer hours? So, I just finished 24-hour circles for all 7 days in my week. Might seem like a buffer, but nope. So totally needed. And I will share these visuals with my husband which will alert him to what I am up to and perhaps inspire him to lean out our home (but that’s his decision).
I hate waiting to find out what’s next, but I have a solid goal to keep me busy for the next 25 days. I’m doing it to it! Ann