September Work

Let’s talk about the power of this month’s work. My 30 Day goal was to turn my daughter’s bedroom into a usable guest room/home office (she’s moved out). Emotionally, this was tough because I had to acknowledge that she’s not coming home, maybe ever, and letting go of what I thought she would be like was a beast. As I did the physical and emotional work every day, though, the world started to change.

On Day 3, I wrote “I wish she would give me some feedback about how she feels about me doing this.” On Day 5, she reached out to me to see if she could visit for the first time in nearly a year. She did, we talked about the project, and we’ve spent this month reconnecting on a level that I was afraid we’d lost forever.

I basically quit drinking, because the energy and time I normally spent sitting on my couch with a glass of wine was spent organizing a planning. Desire redirected. It was so much easier than I thought!

I lost 5 lbs. Probably because I quit drinking so much. I’m not even interested in losing weight but there it goes.

I wrote that I wanted support from my husband on this project. He stepped up so hard I could hardly believe it. And we’ve got plans to create other projects together – so wild because he generally doesn’t have any interest in this kind of stuff!

I don’t fully understand how these things have happened, except that sitting down and putting in the emotional labor every single day has been life changing. Working on myself seems to have changed how people react to me. I’m so incredibly grateful, and pretty impressed with myself for sticking to it.

Also, I have a beautiful guest room and home office now, too. 🙂