September Work – Finding New Thoughts

Hi Brooke,

My 30 Day Goal is to stay on protocol and go to yoga everyday for 30 days to lose 7 to 10 lbs (yoga is just for me though, not weight loss).

Earlier this year I had my cholesterol, triglyceride, etc tested and they were ridiculously high. My doctor told me I would have to take a pill if I couldn’t bring them back to normal. This was a compelling reason for me to cut all sugar and flour, quit drinking and get up at 5am to go to yoga first thing in the morning. I did this for 4 months nonstop. My levels are in the low 100’s and completely healthy.

Well, now that I’m healthy I’m also back to sneaking sugar and flour and slacking on going to yoga. I’m maintaining the weight I lost but I have 20 more lbs to go and I cannot find a compelling reason to do so! What thoughts can I borrow from you?! I can only find those real life threatening, grab me by the arteries moment to really stick to eating clean and taking care of my body.

Other thoughts I’ve tried ranges from being kind to myself to almost threatening:
– I can be anything I want to be, I want to be at my normal weight.
– If I don’t clean up my eating habits and continue to buffer I will live a hard life and suffer diabetes and have high blood pressure; like my mother.

Please help. Thanks!