September Work – Picking The Right Goal

Omg 3rd time lucky without submitting prematurely! (Just realised what I was using as “return” on my phone to separate paragraphs, was instead “send”.) Okay: I have found a good system for me in my business is to focus on controlling my activity rather than my results (which then come with time). As much as I would like to end the month with 8 new customers, I don’t believe that will happen because I stopped working over the summer and haven’t built the momentum required. Right now, it feels like it would be awesome to instead make a goal to build to booking 10 appointments per week (by the last week of the month). Our team’s typical goal is to book 4-6 appointments/week on a consistent basis. I have an IG over the next 6 months which will require 10 appointments on a consistent basis (resulting in 8-10 new customers a month which I need in order to achieve my IG). So… would booking the appointments rather than going all out for the achievement of 8 new customers be a good goal to set or am I just being “safe” with that? Should I instead set a goal of eg 4 more customers (rather than 10) because that will still stretch me for sure (after no work all summer) but maybe finding a way to book 10 appointments per week (pushing me to get out, add more contacts, make more calls etc) will be more beneficial to my business long term, setting me up with a system for the remaining 5 months to achieve my IG. Appreciate your thoughts!