September’s homework

I was so excited to start the homework this month. I had everything planned on my calendar ready to go! AND I got up this morning and I realized my biggest obstacle…my husband. He is retired and has lots of time on his hands and doesn’t plan, at least not on paper. As a result, according to him, “I don’t like planning it feels confining.” So day one, I have the obstacle for the month. Here is my unintentional model
C:Planning my calendar for the month
T: My Husband keeps changing my schedule
F: Frustrated
R: I change my schedule to accommodate some of his requests
A: I don’t get everything done on my list.

I’m stuck…how do I make this into an intentional model? I want to accommodate and participate with him in his activities. In the past I’ve said no and I’ve lost out on the fun.

Any ideas?