September’s work.

September has got me moving and also terrified. This months work is really the work I need to work on in my life. I feel my goal for this month is do-able but at the same time my brain is PANICKING about ‘what ifs’.
Working through it: doing models, scheduling and getting things done have been fabulous reminders to my brain that I am doing things and that at the end of the day/during my rest times I can actual rest because I’m actually finished today’s duties. Still have been fighting with a lot of hungry ghosts who want to tell me a lot of unsavoury things. I’m reminding myself that, like gaining physical strengthen, the more I practice focusing my mind and the easier and strong my mind will become.
My brain also must be getting desperate to find ways to feel terrible because I was at the gym doing lunges with more weight than I ever have before and instead of a little celebration, I kid you not my brain was like ‘well, you can only do this because your arms are helping, your legs aren’t really that strong’. jeezzz. why do you have to be a jerk brain.

anyway, asides from that, I’m trying to narrow down some things for my goal this month: create a marketing plan and market ready samples for my fashion line.
I wanted to clarity on questions I should be asking myself.
Who exactly is my customer? ‘women who have a 12″ difference between their waist and hips between the sizes 32″ to 38″
What solution am I creating for them – Natural fibre pants that are office ready, comfortable and long lasting
What value am I giving them – excellent customer service, daily thoughts about loving your body and having fun with your wardrobe.

You suggest it is best to start with one focus and grow from there ya? I was considering doing a mini collection but I actually after hearing that and thinking about it I think it would be better to focus on one product and grow into more as the first becomes profitable.

I also want to start posting photos on Instagram with daily thoughts that align with the brand, however when ever I considering doing this I feel extremely vulnerable and shy away from it. Does it only get easier by doing? I know it’s because I’m worried about what other people close to me will think. I also feel like it is essential to the added value of what I want to create.

Any thoughts?

Thanks so much!