Setting a routine with a toddler


This is my first question here and it’s kind of convoluted, or maybe not.
I recently became a stay at home mom to a 19 month old (we moved countries and I quit my job). I’m finding it challenging to set a routine for my daughter and myself. She is at home and I don’t have any back-up help. My husband leaves early for work and gets back in the evening following which we have our dinner and then her winding down routine starts. I’ve also not weaned her off breastmilk as yet and that is keeping me somewhat bound as well. I am essentially struggling to set a routine for her and me, to wean her off breastmilk. I would love to do it with no tears and also not damage her in any way. We also co-sleep and I would like to nudge her to her own bed. And then in my head I worry as to how it will be if there is no breastmilk, how will she fall asleep. But it just feels like now it’s time to step back a bit and trust her as well but I feel afraid. Afraid of doing stuff that will make her upset in the moment. I also think it’s time for her to go to some form of daycare for my own sanity and if I wish to get stuff accomplished for myself. Not sure if I’ve been able to explain myself well but it’s basically battling with my own thoughts of how setting a routine, feeding her healthy and a variety of stuff, weaning her, sending her to day care – all of this without guilt or fear or self-shaming is what I’m looking for help with. I need to free up my time and my mind space for me to begin trusting myself and the process of change and creation that I’m undertaking. Thank you!