Setting expectations – and deepening intimacy in our closest relationships

I have been in Scholars for three months and really enjoy Brooke’s coaching calls. It is clear from the calls, the podcasts and all of the materials that Brooke has high expectations of both herself and her team and other suppliers to her business. So although I completely agree with the Model and its basis in the fact that we cannot change others or what they do or say, there is a disconnect for me between that and what is clearly Brooke’s skills in ensuring that her team and everyone who works for and with her is working at full speed – to their full potential – and meeting her expectations. As a business owner myself, like every business owner, I work with people both inside and outside the company who at times under deliver or fail to meet their commitments and it is important for the health of the business to address these times. I am confident that Brooke would do so in her business and will need to continue to do so to reach her revenue goals. So I’d like some further bridging between the Model’s “everyone is okay just as they are and any problem is all in our thoughts” to the “let’s get this thing done!” approach to which Brooke and her business clearly subscribe.
My question also applies to personal relationships and this month’s topic. I do agree that everyone is 100% loveable the way they are, but I believe that the people in our closest circle deserve the time and effort to lovingly and respectfully let them know how their actions and words affect us, just as we want to know how our own actions and words affect them. How does a relationship grow and deepen if we only keep our thoughts to ourselves – isn’t intimacy all about working together through the tough spots and coming out stronger and more connected on the other side?