Setting Goal to Lose 5kg

I set a goal this month to lose 5kg by 17 November 2020. Today while doing my thought download I asked myself the question ‘How can I get closer to my goal today’. My thought was “I need to stop snacking”. So I’m working on my model using this thought.

My story – I have lost 23kgs so far (I got down to 76.1kg) and I know on the path to losing this weight, I really nailed the no snacking, intermittent fasting and eating window. But since getting to 76.1kg (10th September) my weight has been fluctuating (mostly upwards) and hit 80kg whilst on holiday a few weeks back so made the decision to knuckle down and get to my goal weight of 75kg by 31 December 2020. In fact I’m going one better and set end of year target goal weight as 72kg.

At the moment I am doing the IF and eating window, so to get closer to my goal I think it’s the snacking. I set this goal on Monday 19th and I was 78.9kg. Today I weighed myself and was 77.7kg. (OK so as I type this I’m like WOAH!!!!).

I’m doing LCS certification at the moment so was trying to do this model out loud and now I’m struggling to find the result in my unintentional model.
My brain wants to go straight to the intentional because I think I know what to do now.
I wonder if you could offer some advice?

I’m wondering if I’ve got the C wrong?

C: Set goal to be 73kg by 17 November
T: I need to stop snacking
F: Frustrating
A: Keep snacking. Not walking my own talk. Avoid working through thought. Not be compassionate or kind to self. Beat self up and not focussed on goal. Not planning ahead.
R: ??

Possible C: Weight going up and down between 76.1kg and 80kg.