Setting a goal weight

I am almost 68. When I was in my 30’s I lost almost 60 pounds with Weight Watchers. My goal weight was 130, the top of the range for my height. I have lost 40 pounds this time, putting me at 135. I am only 5’1″. I have not been able to get below 135. I am joy eating and drink wine a couple times a week. My doctor tells me I am at a good weight for my age. The fact is, my skin didn’t bounce back this time, like it has every other time I have lost weight. I know in my heart 2 things…… Of course I could/should? lose more weight, but if I do, its going to come off the places I don’t want it to come off. My upper arms are so saggy I can’t wear short sleeves now, much less sleeveless. My arms actually looked better fat…really, they did. My inner thighs are so saggy I have to be careful how long my shorts are when I am playing golf. So, short of surgery (which I have considered daily but know I won’t really do) more weight loss will likely make things worse not better. So, here is my question. Should I learn to love and accept myself at this slightly overweight status or go ahead and lose 10 more pounds, get even more saggy? Exercise is not going to help. It’s the skin, not the muscle. I need to come to a decision about this so I can develop my true protocol.