Setting goals without judgement

Hi coaches! I just got off a 20min coaching call and we uncovered that I’m massively beating myself up and making my self worth tied to my productivity at work.
I set a goal of submitting 6 manuscripts for publication by the end of the month, and although it sounds a bit crazy, I was very excited and energized by this when I decided on the goal. I also made a deal with my husband that if I can get this done that he would be on board with my coaching certification. So now I’m feeling all the pressure and it is backfiring on me with having set this high bar. It is totally doable, but when I think about the down side to not getting it all done, it is a huge disappointment!
Through the coaching I was advised to remember that I am fully worthy even when I tell myself I’m being lazy or could work harder. I didn’t realize that I was being so hard on myself and it was an interesting perspective to think that everything I do in this life beyond just living is all “extra.” I realized that I was tying self worth to my accomplishments, and beating myself up when I get off my schedule. I still want to be able to set big goals and create the feelings that lead to action, but the downside to that seems terrible. I’m sure I’m just creating that for myself, and wonder if just practicing the new thoughts is all it will take. Thanks!