Sex not a want match

I want to have more sex with my partner and I don’t want to change my thoughts so that I am happy to go without.

Otherwise, our relationship is great. We have love, connection, fun and deep conversations but when it comes to sex he is not interested. He playfully laughs off any of my advances and I feel humiliated and rejected. He has told me that he has intimacy issues and body image issues so I can console myself with this to feel less rejected and humiliated. He won’t talk about his ‘issues’ (I love him and find him attractive and sexy exactly as he is), he won’t talk about his fantasies with me and he shows no desire to be physically intimate with me. I crave this so much from him and since this is a want match that I can’t get satisfied elsewhere, I don’t know what to do.
On the rare occasions we do have sex or are physically intimate (once every 2 or 3 months) it’s great although he gets self-conscious after a short time and it’s all over. I am not craving a feeling of connection or desire, I just want to experience physical intimacy with him. Please help!