Sex Want Match

My husband would like more frequent intimacy than I do so I guess that we don’t have a want match in that area of our relationship.
Obviously I don’t want him to get his needs met in another relationship, yet I don’t want to feel like I should always say yes, which would feel like “people pleasing” him, as this leads to resentment and not honouring myself and my body.
In this situation is it just best to discuss and compromise ?
I have tried to model the situation :

UNINTENTIONAL -( did this from the top down)
C My husband wants daily sex and I don’t
T If I don’t satisfy him he may look elsewhere
F Pressured
A Retreat, disconnect, hide, don’t want sex
R No sex, feel guilty, and afraid he may cheat

INTENTIONAL I( did this from the bottom up)
C Husband wants sex
T I’m desirable
F sexy
A Have enjoyable sex,
R Feel connection and security

I wonder if the thought “I’m desirable” is powerful enough to make me feel sexy and desire intimacy.
Thanks for your help