Sexless life with a husband

This is a straight forward – no filter question, my husband doesn’t show ( physically ) any interest in me, we only see each other for 2 days out of the week, living in different places currently.
I come up there thinking that he would be all over me, but he is not.
I attribute it to the way I look ( cellulite ), but I was even heavier and that was never a problem, then I am thinking that he is a porn addict, and doesn’t react to a “real “ person anymore.
We don’t talk about this, but it’s hanging heavily in the air . He blames me that I show no interest, he is right, I don’t, because I don’t feel or see him being physically aroused and that is a deal-breaker for me. As far as my being “interested “, I am a functioning healthy individual, with fully functioning hormones.
Is this a manual that I’m holding for him?
Or this is the stage of life when their relationship is complete?
Where do I go with that?
I feel like if there is a physical attraction still between partners, everything else can be fixed. Looks like this part is gone as well.