Sexless marriage

This is my secret.
We haven’t had sex for 2 years. We’ve been married for 5.
It’s my little story that I am too embarrassed to tell anyone. When I think about it I feel shame and disappointment. My marriage is ok otherwise. There are advantages to being married. But I never imagined myself living like this forever. I was someone that had a strong sex drive. I’ve always thought it was important. My husband just doesn’t think it is. I feel like if I never brought it up again he would be perfectly happy.
But I’m not happy to live like this forever.
And every weekend I go to bed alone and he stays up drinking I’m filled with resentment.
I know its my thoughts that cause my feelings. But should I be trying to let go of a thought, I don’t want a sexless marriage.
Mostly I just try to stuff it all down. But I know I will be happier if I do some thought work on it.
Please can you help direct me in this work.