Sexual harassment thought check

Hi Brooke,
I was hoping that you could have a look over some new thoughts that I’m practicing. I reported a sexual harassment incident at work nearly a year ago and have experienced bullying and ostracism from some of my coworkers since then. I was experiencing a lot of anger and frustration, bordering on hatred at times, not only to the men at work but men in general (I’m one of seven women in a workplace of 140 and was thinking that the lack of support from men there was a reflection of all men despite knowing that’s not the case). I know the thoughts I was having weren’t serving me so I’ve been practicing the following:
They are adults and can think what they want.
I’m ok with them being wrong about me.
They are allowed to dislike me (although they’re crazy because I’m freakin’ awesome).
I can’t control how they think and act.
There’s no upside to trying to work out what they’re thinking.
I get to choose how I think about this, and I choose to be compassionate to both them and myself.
Any other thoughts or advice? I’m very new to thinking about my workplace in this way, and want to think well of it before I leave next year for a career change.
Thanks, Kim