Sexual invitations

Here is one model:

C-man cleans shoes, makes energetic sexual invitation, said “come on handbalancer”
(This IS clean for me, is simply the facts and does not have emotional charge)
T – (need help here!!! – I think I have a couple models going – and just to get to this model I did TDL, 6 models and coaching session)
(So I need help getting T and pulling out other model possibly)
F – unaware
A – didn’t energetically respond No to invitation
– didn’t turn body and raise foot
– didn’t take hose and do it myself
– people pleased
– played into it unawaredly
– didn’t protect myself
– presented my body
– became distracted – distracted model
R – created more evidence for ? And showed up distracted and unaware to protect self

So – first time with this dude he kept looking at my arms, intuitively I knew it was sexual and I didn’t want that – then went to my head

C- above
T – I don’t want to make assumptions or I don’t know for sure (I think both and I’ll do both models separately on my own but going w/1st T)
F – dishonor (myself) any other ideas for emotions? It’s something like not honoring my intuition which was correct or that I want to go w/ no matter what is “correct”
A – thought I had it handled, did micro- people pleasing things, left myself unprotected and unclear to him energetically,
R – show up unassuming (which got me into second situation that the first model is about)

Thanks for help