Shame and Lack

Today I noticed (while trying to evaluate my presence at networking events recently) that my feelings of shame and lack might be triggered immediately in certain situations.
(And I’m trying not to be in shame as I type this.)

Those situations are anytime a stranger or someone I have not seen in awhile talks to me. I immediately start feeling lack and shame. Like I don’t belong talking to adults or something is wrong with my appearance.  I go into an apologetic state and a state of asking permission for my presence to be around whoever it is.

I’m not sure how to start or apply the model in this case.
I wrote out about 20 thoughts that cause shame and lack. Much of it was how I see myself and I think other people see me.

I don’t want to approach this from a – this is a deep rooted childhood problem and so the model won’t go deep enough to help, but I am wavering in and out of that thought.

Can you guide me where to begin overcoming this?
Thank you