Shame around money

I feel so much shame around my current money situation. I left my nursing job of 8 years to pursue my life coaching business full-time… However, I only made $25,000 in my business this year, and yet I have made some big investments in the past month. I feel a lot of shame around it, thinking I’m irresponsible with money and shouldn’t have done that… I’m now learning how to budget and just feel so ashamed of myself for “going too far.”

C: Thinking of my $25,000 personal loan debt and the $16k investment I just made in my business
T: I am so irresponsible
F: Shame
A: Avoid my numbers, avoid bookkeeping, avoid learning how to budget, keeping up my pride and not asking for help with my finances
R: I’m irresponsible with my money

I feel terrible… It’s like a feeling of utter regret and shame. I feel hopeless and defeated.