Shame as a buffer?

Hey Brooke

I remember you saying that smart people can justify their actions and lie to themselves so easily. That’s me!!

I think I’ve been giving results ahead of time for prospects as a buffer from shame! Seems like a positive action but I realised today it’s coming from a bad place.

Can you let me know if these models are correct?

Unintentional model
C: life coaching business
T: I don’t believe in my knowledge and skills
F: Shame
A: desperately seeking validation from prospects by sending them long Facebook messages with advice and tips
R: temporarily relief from shame when they compliment the help I give them but I still don’t believe in myself

Intentional model
C: life coaching business
T: I don’t believe in myself yet, and that’s okay
F: peace
A: keep responding to messages and reaching out
R: move forward in business despite not fully believing in myself, learning to allow shame to be there

Is my first model buffering? And is my new thought good or can you help with a thought that generates more positive feelings that I could believe?