Shame (Nadège)

Dear Brooke,
Thanks for your previous answers.
I’m beginning to realise the amount of shame I’m carrying about my eating behaviour and me as a whole (my body, my way of thinking…). That’s probably why I so admire everyone being willing to share their deepest troubles while I shy away at the mere thought of being coached live. I also understand that the time difference has never really been the problem here. I could have found ways…
C – me
T – I should be different
F – shame
A – I keep my eating behaviour secret
R – I keep my eating behaviour
And yet, I know that shame doesn’t like being exposed, hence my message.
T – I’m perfect as I am and I’ve always been perfect
F – open, relieved
A – I write on Ask Brooke, I stop wanting to be completely different
R – I accept myself
So, I dare ask the question (heart pounding): would that be a matter that would be “worth” being coached live?
Thank you!