Shared Visitation – Increased Exposure

We have a stepfamily and one of our kids goes back and forth every 2-3 days. Her other home has, historically, taken lightly to highly contagious illnesses that the child has had sending her to our home with a stomach virus, flu, and other illnesses without communicating the needs that may present themselves during the visit. It is our understanding from the child that at her other home a much more relaxed approach is taken in general in regard to personal hygiene. These circumstances in relation to the new virus going around is on my mind. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

C – Stepchild rotates between our home and her other home a couple times each week
T – Historically, her other parents have not been as careful about contagious illnesses
F – Anxious
A – Spend a lot of time worrying about the transitions and how they may increase my family unit’s exposure to illnesses
R – I am anxious and impatient about unknown results of a dynamic (shared visitation) that I cannot control

How is my model?
Any suggestions?