Sharing a circumstance – comment and thoughts please

I have been in business for many years but there have been lots of changes in the last couple of years, especially due to the Pandemic where I’m doing a lot more one on ones and small group workshops myself, rather than bringing in instructors from all over the country for larger groups. I’ve been playing with different strategies to handle sales and get the word out.

In part, I offer 15 minute Zoom one on ones to brainstorm and schedule longer sessions as part of my offerings. I am just possibly seeing something that works in my favor and it may only be because of these two potential clients in these particular circumstances but I handled each in a different way and see one way was firing someone up and the other looked like “begging” and didn’t work.

One person was on the fence and making all kinds of excuses and I basically offered her a partial refund if she took a dive and then didn’t find results after implementing my guidance. It was more elaborate than that with lots of ideas but I’m giving you the short version. She disappeared and I haven’t heard from her again. Yet (but I was ok with it because I need to experiment). The other one was giving me all kinds of resistance as well and I basically ignored the excuses – not debating them – but told her all the reasons it will be great for her and she jumped in. I didn’t have to sympathize with her circumstances and family issues and health etc. (which I normally do a. because I care about b. because I think people want to have a familiarity and friendship – as do I, but maybe I over emphasize that into people pleasing – not sure). I’m careful to strike a balance but maybe I’ve been leaning too close to friendship and need to look at that more closely.  Anyway, I’d like your thoughts, insights and advice please. Thank you.