Sharing ‘dare of the day’ responses

Hi Brooke!

I am LOVING this month so far!

My first dare of the day was to ask for my order to be free at a cafe while having lunch with friends. I walked up to the register and my heart started pounding and I chickened out immediately! So, I told my friends about this month and why we are doing dares of the day etc. They encouraged me to try again. So the next day, I went to a coffee shop and after I placed my order I simply said, can I have my order for free, please. The girl was so confused and asked me to repeat it 3 times!!! She ultimately said no, and I didn’t explain, gave her a 20% tip and sat down!
That was awesome and I felt so proud of myself for not letting fear stop me from doing something uncomfortable.
So every day after that, I’ve been sharing on my social media accounts and email distribution lists what I have been doing.
I did yoga in my bathing suit in a public place
I asked my email + social media followers for feedback if I have helped them in some way
I dared myself to run the fastest 5k in my life – and killed it btw beating my personal best by :20 seconds!

It’s amazing what we are capable of doing if we don’t let an emotion like fear stop us from taking action!

Thanks for challenging us!

Can’t wait to meet you at coach training in August :).