Sharing is empowering but confused at the same time.

What was your thought (model) for publicly sharing your past about your family? Did you tell your parents or people involved you were going to share publicly first? I woke up this morning feeling so empowered to share how I re-wrote my past. I was going to do it and bare all. Then I gave myself too much time in between for my brain to get in the way. It meant that I was going to share the facts about what happened (eg. abuse) which involves my parents. My thought that’s driving me to feel empowered is “It’s about the people who will gain value from my story” but at the same time my thought that I need approval from my parents is keeping me in confusion. I’ve had no problems sharing my other learnings from my wrongs so far, but I think this is the biggest hurdle that I feel I’m ready for. My goal is to be able to share everything about my life lessons openly in public speaking engagements and eventually in a book. I know it’s my story to share and I believe in the results, but I haven’t done enough work on the possible reactions I might receive and would like coaching from you on this. Thanks in advance!