sharing a moment of joy

just sharing a little moment of unexpected joy. I popped on some underwear this morning I hadn’t worn in a while and realised it no longer slightly fitted.I’ve adopted a mind set of curiosity around eating – not eating off plan rather than body focus and I’m on the last 5 kg I’ve planned to loose , have been for a while so it was a surprise this morning. my first thought was go girl. my husband’s response was I always liked them before , to which I replied that’s still 100 percent available confidently. Just realised I’m settling into a calm sense of self worth and the self chatter has changed bit by bit from highly critical to moving to acceptance and love . It’s all good. even the bits if I had a wand Id for sure change up in a heart beat . They are ok too. my wonderful husband has always told me a women’s attractiveness is the whole package, how she puts herself together. Today I realised I believe him and I felt real joy to be in that place. so much gratitude for having found this work. see you at the end of the month for coach training ! super excited to learn and meet everyone Isabelle:-)