Sharing my progress


I just wanted to share my progress and realizations from this week’s homework.
When writing my thoughts about my life today I was happy to see that I am happy with everything! My friendships, where I live, my work, the only thing in my life that isn’t measuring up to the bar is me!
So here are my models I did:


C: My Life

T: I am the only subpar thing in my life.

F: fed up (I feel this is an indulgent feeling because the definition is: being bored, angry, or annoyed with something I’ve experienced for far too long… but it doesn’t motivate me to do anything about this by continue tolerating it.)

A: I start working but do not commit. I tolerate my substandard behavior. I allow myself to buffer and act helpless as if I cannot help myself and am powerless to my own mind.

R: I give into old behaviors that do not align with the new standards I’ve set for my life.


C: My life

T: I will no longer tolerate subpar behavior from myself.

F: So done (any suggestions for a word that embodies this sense of doneness? Or is it okay to have a concept like this?)

A: Action. Keeping my commitments on my calendar. Doing my work for Scholars. Cook food so I can take care of myself and have the energy to act. Stop reading Fanfiction during the week. Schedule time during the weekends to check Instagram- and check it only then. If I take a random dance break, I set a time limit and honor that commitment. I will no longer go over it and dance for 1+ hours.

R: I am living by the elevated standards of my future self.

I find my brain beginning to like the efficiency of my new program of being productive and taking action, it makes me feel happy and challenged it a way it’s starting to get used to and like. But sometimes I find myself buffering and thinking- I would rather do this new behavior, it is more efficient and I’ll be happier if I do it, but…. the old one is easier so buffer time! This to me is good news because I am beginning to crave being better and holding myself to higher standards and am starting to not even like when I buffer away. *but* I need to not be fed up with my behavior but still tolerate it. I need to be done with it and just stop doing it.