Sharing my purpose

Hi there. I’d love to share my purpose with you.

>> I want to flourish. <<

UM / What I often experience :
C – Living my purpose
T – My life / My job / This situation doesn’t allow me to flourish.
F – Frustrated
A – Ruminate, complain, beat myself up, criticize others, buffer with food, do not see/use opportunities, do not take action
R – Not flourishing

IM / What I want to work on:
C – Living my purpose
T – I’m doing everything I can to make my life so I can flourish.
F – Committed
A – Do not ruminate, complain, buffer, …, Do take action, make decisions, take risks, try new things, move on
R – Flourishing

To practice that, I want to ask myself: “How can I flourish in this situation?” – especially when something challenges me.