Sharing results from elimination diet!

Hi Coaches, I just wanted to share my experience going through the Stop Overeating work at the same time as doing an elimination diet to figure out what I’m sensitive to.

I was already on a low-carb diet with great success but stalled at 170-175 for a year and a half. I got fed up with it, got some coaching on doing an elimination diet (thank you Mindy Neal!) and am now two weeks into the reintroduction phase. (I had strawberries as part of my elimination meal, but then once I stopped having strawberries in my salad I started dropping the weight again rather quickly! Crazy!)

This morning I found out within moments of eating some bacon that it did not taste as good as I remembered, and within just half an hour of eating bacon and some Jimmy Dean sausage, my stomach was not happy. I was previously eating bacon almost every single day and while it’s been my favorite food for a long time, now that I know it doesn’t taste how I remember AND it is contributing to an upset stomach, it’s less of a problem to give up than I previously thought it would be. I still have another 5-6 weeks to go reintroducing stuff, but knowing this one early on is super helpful!

Thank you for all the resources on managing my desire around low-carb foods like bacon, which I thought I would be able to keep in my diet, but now it looks like it won’t be here to stay!