Sharing some dares

So I’ve found this a bit challenging – my current goal is weight loss but I feel like I’ve tackles most of the fears there, other not drinking when I go to a bar (which I tried the other night…and it was just fine).

So instead I’ve started to identify some dares about saying no to my boss or other people or putting myself out there at work and professionally / in a networking sense and risking rejection. This is about my next goal – taking some firm steps in my career and building a much stronger network to set me up for the next move (for which I’m still thinking through the options)

1st dare: tell me friend who has offered my a good investment opportunity that I wasn’t ready to make that decision and if she could wait two weeks with the view that I still might say no all good but if not then I had to say no. I was respectful but firm. And you know what she was fine and said there was a slight chance she couldn’t wait but if so she thought she had another option just as good..
After this I reached out to make an appt with an acct and a financial planner re some aspects of this. The planner is a friends husband and I find him a bit intimidating.

2nd dare: reach out to a vague contact to suggest a networking catch up. She said no she was away. And I felt fine.

3rd dare: say no to the boss and head off to another meeting instead of staying in office stressing about something we can do nothing about. She looked grumpy but said nothing when I got back..especially as I got a successful outcome from the meetings on another project.

4th dare(s): schedule a number of meetings for some work I’ve been avoiding to sort out a few issues with another team which isn’t working well with our team. No one is demanding I open this can of worms but I know that it’s what we need / I need to do next in my job. Also no one has said I shouldn’t do it when I’ve suggested it. And you know what no one said ‘no’ or ‘go away’.

I’m not sure what I was afraid of…but I was… In fact the manager of that team sent me two other meeting invites, along the lines of ‘since you’re interested in this, do you also want to be involved in this…’

5th dare: recontacted the woman from dare 3 as she works near the office for dare 4 and yes it turns out that day does suit her and she does want to have lunch!!

6th dare: send off my application for a not-for-profit board that I’m interested in, but might be under qualified for.

7th dare: second one for today. Said no to the boss who asked if I was coming in to the office tomorrow (I don’t work Fridays and tomorrow is Friday in Australia). I smiled and told her no (we had a big deadline today and it’s possible her boss will ask her to make changes to the papers). I also smiled when she asked about the management report and told her I’d do it Monday. She frowned a little and I felt a twinge but didn’t say anything. This is another super power I want to develop – saying nothing and just waiting for the other person to say something, instead of jumping in and offering to do or solve something.

Thanks to the dares, my new motto is actually one I tried years ago but couldn’t stick to… What would I do if I wasn’t afraid!!

Ps. So all this positive energy might be doing something else.. Today another contact I spoke to at a recent event about her not-for-profit board (who I suspect I pushed myself onto) made contact out of the blue to suggest we catch up….

Reading these back they all sound very mundane but they weren’t. Maybe not TERRIFYING but certainly uncomfortable making.

Thanks Brooke