Sharing two "in the moment" wins with my little girl

Hi, I just experienced two “in the moment” wins with my daughter recently.

I was trying to dress her for daycare, and I got frustrated and I could feel the tears coming. I realised that it was my own thoughts that was making me upset, and not her actions. She wasn’t deliberately trying to upset me, she was just doing things and I was having thoughts about it. I was able to walk away, do a model and an intentional model. I was able to come back and approach the situation differently.

Second time, I was actually lying in bed with her in the middle of the night, trying to get her to go back to sleep. We were on night 3 of moving her into a big girl bunk bed. I didn’t get up a write a model, but I realised that I could work backwards in my head from the result I wanted, to find a thought to use. This helped me have a different feeling and take different actions. I changed how I was acting and interacting with her, we switched it up, and got back to sleep much more calmly.

Thanks for letting me share. I’m moving from “after the fact” to “in the moment”. Seeing the results of the model in the moment is amazing!