Sharing a win and integrating the advice of two coaches

Well it’s been quite a day. I’ll stick to the important parts.
I had been feeling really down about money all week. I had set myself a goal to earn $4500 this month. I am not on the path to meet that goal. Because I’ve been trying to live by Brooke’s advice to stick to your commitments in order to create self confidence, I tried to think about how I could meet my financial goal. I was thinking about what I could sell, and started signing up to drive for a rideshare. But while that will get me to $4500 for August, it isn’t going to get me closer to my longer term business goals. I thought I had asked a question here about it but I don’t see it so maybe not.
Today I had a meeting with my business coach. She has been so absolutely amazing in helping me structure my path, and providing a huge wealth of knowledge about business creation that we simply don’t get in grad school. Without fail, I feel a million times better after we talk. I knew that making the cash by any means necessary didn’t make sense, but I couldn’t square it with my desire to show up for myself and meet that goal! In my brain, this was how I was taking Massive Action.

Two things happened (more than two but this is already getting long!). One, after our talk about how to tell people what I’m doing so that I can start attracting clients, I had an eye doc appointment. First time I’d met this doc. She asked what I do and without skipping a beat, I said, “I help high achieving people manage their stress about keeping too many balls in the air,” which is MILES away from my typical, “I work with a seriously mentally ill, Medicaid population but would like to start moving towards a private practice.” And my doc was SO INTRIGUED!! By the end of the appointment we decided that I would come give a presentation to her staff in October.

The second thing was her response to my need to meet that financial goal as a way to develop self confidence. I told her that I was really focused on showing up for myself, just like I would want to show up for someone else, and deliver on a promise. She said that was all well and good, but to also think about how many times I actually have shown up for myself (quite a few if I allow myself to give myself credit!), so if I don’t meet this particular goal, it doesn’t mean I can’t trust myself, but rather that something went wrong. Like I would do if someone I already trusted didn’t show up for an appointment, I wouldn’t automatically think them untrustworthy, or lose my confidence in them, I would first want to know what happened and if they were OK! She noted that trust building is about patterns of behavior, not one incident.

Brooke I’m so interested in what you think. You advised me to take action, and I needed a little help defining the action. My business coach is of course doing this with me, and I have a plan for the week. I would guess you’d have given me the same advice, not to go running after cash by any means necessary, but rather to create a business where I can pull in more than I need, with less guarantee of success but a much much much higher reward for the risk.

Can you believe this is me trying to keep it short??
TLDR: I told my doc about my new client niche and she was crazy intrigued. I also found some clarity around setting goals and developing confidence in myself. I am curious what you think!