Sharing a win – Managing thoughts about work

Hi Brooke

So I had a big win this week with work anxiety, which is one of my big obstacles to any of my big goals (weight loss is my first one)

My role in a large work team is to work on special projects – I’m a bit of a trouble shooter so to speak. This is actually quite ironic as some of the ambiguity involved in the projects can really stress me out. But I find it interesting and engaging – I’m also good at it and can earn good money doing it with lots of flexibility.

So I was working on a hard task on Thursday which was very annoying. I was compiling a new report and the team had all made errors and lots of stuff needed cross checking for multiple other reasons. It needed to be finished and I was getting frustrated, angry and of course, anxious. Definitely time for a thought download..

This lead me to identify a whole heap of new and true thoughts about my work which I want to focus on. TRANSFORMATIVE.

C – work taking longer than I expected and requiring lots of extra checking
T – this is ridiculous. I can’t get this done. I hate this
F – frustration, panic
A – focus on what’s wrong. Complain about the report. Panic.
R – takes more time to complete work. Colleagues frustrated.

C – same.
T – this is a tough piece of work. . I like working on complicated problems. I’m lucky to have a job that gives me varied tough problems not repetitive mundane stuff. . I can usually find a solution. If I can’t then the boss will realise that it’s the problem not me.
F – persistent. Patient
A – take a deep breath and break off a small piece of work at a time. Don’t complain or snap at colleagues or boss. Continue to work out the details without getting frustrated.
R – work eventually completed with multiple inconsistencies and errors identified and fixed. Boss delighted.

This new thought is such a biggie for me. Yes th