Sharing a win – prefrontal over primitive brain

Wow! I’m so excited. I noticed and then stopped the little voice in my head suggesting that I buy a crisp white wine to go with dinner!

Itt has been a good day – I did a thought download and models when a colleague seemed irritated (and it helped a lot) and I left work on time and went to the gym.

On the way home from the gym I realised it was probably going to be too late to try the healthy sugar and flour free recipe I’d planned. Not to worry – I had some ham and yummy salad ingredients so I’d have that instead – perfect for a hot day in Melbourne, – Australia. In fact I thought, I could probably also prepare the other recipe after dinner so it would be ready for tomorrow night All under control! I’m rocking this.

And then I noticed this little voice suggesting white wine with dinner. Now I’ve allowed myself a little wine on my new way of eating. But is has to be planned in advance.

The little voice pointed out how hot it was, how well I was doing, how well I’d managed the day and even how I’d already lost a bit of weight.
I stopped and told it ‘yes wine would be lovely’, but I’m buying a bottle that isn’t cold and we can have a clas tomorrow!!

This is amazing. If I can do this, wow! Just wow!! Thanks Brooke! This is huge!!

(So now I need to deal with the urge that’s just come up to see if the wine is cold yet. I should have left it on the counter until tomorrow moning. Another thought download I think)