She Told Me I Am Delusional

I recently joined SCS and my main dream is to become a successful TV screenwriter.

I hired a coach from Hollywood to help me with writing my first TV pilot script and she basically gave me a rundown on what I should expect from the industry as an aspiring screenwriter:

She said I should prepare the best 3 TV pilots I could possibly write and then go beg for an agent to represent me. These scripts are basically only samples, showing my writing voice.

The chances are very slim, you got to know the right people, you got to start from the bottom, and you either end up lucky or not, were some of the things she mentioned.
She also said that I should know in advance that there is no chance in the world that any of the TV pilots that I am writing now, will ever get produced because I am an unknown writer and no one will ever produce a TV show that was written by some nobody.

I told her that this is very discouraging because I see how much effort and struggle it takes to write something really good and to think that I do all this work only to show it as a business card at someone’s door isn’t serving me and that I mush rather think that it does have a chance of getting picked-up and produced one day. She told me I am delusional.

How do I know if being delusional as she put it can harm me or help me?