shifting emotions with C and what I believe others think of my actions

I’ve recently been offered a part time job I’m very excited about! Except I asked for a bit of time and for them to put something in the offer (malpractice insurance and a clarification).  I was believing things would look up for me this year with the job offer.  Now I’m worried I’ve annoyed them and they will rescind the offer or not want to work with me and I’m not believing in myself for the upcoming year.  I believed that opportunity would be really good for me in supporting me now and supporting my new business direction.  Now I feel scared and concerned.

I’m thinking of reaching out to them to apologize for being so difficult (wouldn’t word it that way) and just to get us going, but I feel so nervous I feel frozen to act.  I’m not sure what to do and how to believe in myself whatever happens with this offer.  I think if they say they don’t want to work with me then I’m going to have a hard time believing in myself – as well as a harder time financially as it was really good $ and a great opportunity in so many ways!!!