Shifting unhappiness

Dear Brooke, most days I feel unhappy a lot of the time. My thought downloads show many negative thoughts. Recurring ones include:
I have not accomplished what I wanted
My marriage is failing
I’m ageing badly
I’m worried about my kids
I can’t find a way to be happy here
Without food I can’t find joy
I’m lonely
I’m financially dependent
I’m lost

I’ve followed the podcast for years & listened to “how to feel better”. I understand all circumstances are neutral & I should be able to choose to be happy where I am. But my thoughts feel so “true” that changing my circumstances/results seems the only way to try and feel better. I am trying to work at first being happy within my current circumstances (is this what you would recommend?) but I’m not being successful – the feeling of unhappiness seems stronger than any new or bridge thought I create. Gratitude helps but only a little. I’m starting to feel as if I’m not capable of happy and need antidepressants because I can recognize others are happier in more “difficult” circumstances. I’d really value any advice on how I can move beyond this unhappiness – it doesn’t feel like depression so much as a deep disappointment & inability to create joy. Do I just keep doing models on every single negative thought, or is there anything else I can try? Thank you.