Shoot myself in the FOOT!👣

Often, when I make plans to do something, they do not happen as planned. It’s almost as if the more I
Plan for something, the LESS of it gets done. For example, if I tell My son: “Tomorrow you Will go To school extra early, and probably be the first child there, bc I have to be somewhere by 8:30” then tomorrow comes and that day, I am later dropping him
Off than on a normal Day! If I say to
Myself “Tomorrow, I will Eat this for breakfast, this for lunch, this for dinner, etc”I will not eat ANY of the things I proposed to have. Maybe that day I said I would have salad and the place we were at didnt have one have one. Those are just examples. I dont WANT to sabotage myself! But somehow the more I plan for
Something, the more it seems I get sabotaged? I’m not even sure it’s a sabotage “thing”. It just happens. It’s like I want to work out one morning, but THATis the day my ankletwists in the morningor something completely unforseen. What is going on?