Shop closure Dec 1st. And other investment issues. Business and private

Yesterday I’ve sent a question to Ask a coach, but realize it’s a broader ‘issue’. It involves more.

I wrote I decided to close my shop Dec 1st. I realize my thinking about this is connected with other situations that are happening in our live at the moment.

I’m from Northern Europe, we live in Southern Europe and we’ve our business in Eastern Europe. All with their own culture and style of government and legislation.

What is happening now, my circumstance (UM); I close my shop after about 9 months Dec 1, and deal now with all closure activities. This shop is part of a business that we have for almost 25 years. We’re building a house in Southern Europe, where we encounter issue with the city council; they want us to pay bribes(!). We don’t want to, so now they threaten to not give permit to continue with our building project. In the meantime our house we live in has not been sold in 1.5 years now.

T. We’re loosing everything (investments in businesses, house etc)
F. Paralyzed
A. Not sleeping well, having constant stomach ache, heart pumping fast, constant noise in my ears, feeling hot tintling in my arms, spinning (thinking negative scenarios). The reality is, I still also function ‘normally’ during the day, with stomach pain etc. Yesterday I’ve discussed the package for the 3 persons in the shop I’ll fire with our accountant and lawyer, today I meet one of the staff to explain her what we’ll do and how. So it feels like it’s all at the same time.
R. Can’t get rid of the negative thinking (the first thought when I wake up is “we loose everything”), combined with the physical sensations, then I do what I have to do.

T. I can do hard things
F. Determined
A. Do what’s on my schedule to deal with all these issues the best way I can. Accept what’s out of my control. Be clear and direct with staff.
R. Proud I did what was possible

I notice I don’t want to feel so awful every day when I get up. A few weeks ago a coach I had a 20″ session and the coach told me it takes her just 20 seconds to go through a feeling of disappointment. I feel feelings like disappointment (closure shop or not selling house), or anger and disbelief (after the bribe proposal) much longer. It comes like waves and more waves. For days.

Thank you for any advice.