Shop closure Dec 1st. Loss 150.000K

We decided to close our shop. We opened only March 2019. It’s connected with a business (factory) we have for 24 years, that is also going through a challenging period (we ‘re making a huge effort and it looks like we ‘make it’).
From the beginning the turnover of the shop has been far below our expectations. My staff consists of 3 people. I decided today we close Dec 1rd, after discussing with my accountant about the admin and juridical aspects. We’ve a leave-package offer for the staff. I know it’s the right decision. Last days I felt sad, disappointed and I really let me feel it (it came in waves, and I was able to allow it). With also physical pain in my belly, in my solar plexus.

I wrote some models for this situation. This is one of them.

C. Shop closure Dec 1st
T. We’ve lost about 150.000K, I don’t know if we recover
F. Fear
A. Spinning, imagine this loss affects our private financial situation.
R. …

T. This is a project I can evaluate and can learn from.
F. Determined
A. Look back at all decisions I’ve taken; space we rented, location, staff I hired, deal with my staff in an honest, clear, empathic way.
R. Lessons I bring to my future.

It doesn’t feel right. First, the C line is not without emotional weight for me. I didn’t find a non-emotional description for the closure of our shop. That’s an issue I’ve more often in my models. the C itself doesn’t feel neutral.

Do you have suggestions?
Thank you