Shopping Buffer


I just got coached on this but now I am exploring it more and would love more coaching.

I realize I buffer with shopping. My brain thinks that shopping is where my fun and creativity come from. I have gotten it under control by only spending $100 a month, but I have realized if I didn’t send the $100 a month, I would feel fear, sadness and dread. I want to explore these emotions more so I was thinking about not buying clothing next month but we will be going to Vietnam (to the best tailors in the world) and I wanted to get more than $100 worth of clothing tailored because it is a one in a life time experience…

This is my model on it.

C-Clothes tailored in Vietnam
T- This is going to be so much fun having clothes made especially for me.
F- Excitement
A- Make a list of clothes and get pictures of the things I want to have made.
R- I get the clothes made

C-$100 to spend on clothing in Vietnam
T- This isn’t enough money for this once in a life time experience.
A- worry, ignore the feeling, spend more than $100 anyways.
R- Feel like I am out of control

C-No clothing in Vietnam
T-I can’t do this.
A-Tell myself I will figure out shopping buffer another month.
R- Spend money in Vietnam but feel shameful