Is shopping buffering or is it just good clean fun?

Hello Brooke, I think I might buffer sometimes by shopping. I can afford what I buy. I don’t spend a lot of time on it. It doesn’t detract from my work, relationships or exercise, but it feels healthier to not buffer and to have only the minimum in the way of clothes and accessories. On the other hand, buying, having and using clothes and accessories can be a fun part of life. My model goes like this:
C: I shop
T: This might be buffering; it would be better to address my need to buffer.
F: Weak. I’m not very together if buffering
A: Refrain from buying right now
R: I only buy things when I really need them.
This feels “together” but not as much fun. I can think of other models, where I think — life is short, clothes are fun.
Would you comment, please?