Shopping & paying off debt

I have been shopping A LOT the past couple months and I’m kind of ashamed of myself. I’m just waiting for my fiance to say something to me about it because I am also trying to pay off debt, so I have these two competing desires.

I will tell myself
T: After I buy these things, I’ll have a no-spend month
F: justified

T: I want these sweaters
F: desire

I will imagine myself working, looking and feeling confident in my new things.

T: I need to get them before Halloween
F: urgent

T: Fiance is going to call me out
F: worried

T: I should be putting this money towards debt
F: ashamed

Last night, I felt urgent desire to buy things and I told myself that in 24 hours, I can buy this one sweater and toothpaste. and then I felt the feelings in my body and then went to sleep. Is that all there is to it?